Coach Jim Lofton
Author of "So You Think You Want To Coach"

Coach: 1954-59 North Fulton High School, 1960-64 Dykes High School, 1965-74 Jefferson High School, 1975-77 Lee Academy, 1978 Springwood Academy, 1979-86 East Hall, 1987 to 1993, North Hall, 1993 to 2002 Greater Atlanta Christian School.
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Forward by Coach Vince Dooley

"SO YOU WANT TO BE A COACH" is a must read for every coach, especially at the high school level.  For in high school lies the greatest opportunity to help shape the lives of young teenagers during their formative years.  Outside of my parents, my high school coach was the greatest influence in shaping my life.  I am forever indebted to him for his positive influence.  My children feel the same way about their high school coach.


This book is very well thought out and well written and provides a common sense guide for anyone who has an inclination or ambition to be a coach.  I know of no one better qualified to write this sound game plan for a coaching career than my long time good friend and former college team and room mate, Coach Jim Lofton.


We started college together with polar opposite degrees of maturity.  I came right out of high school earning a football scholarship, but as a sometimes home sick youngster I had a difficult time adjusting to college both in the classroom and on the football field.  Coach Lofton on the other hand had served three years in the rugged Army Paratroopers, and he highly valued the opportunity afforded him as a scholarship football player.


I vividly recall that most every night after dinner, he would put on his "P.J's" and take a flying leap (shouting "Geronimo") into the bed with a book to study.  He was a committed student and "happy as a lark" to be in college.  Meanwhile I was having my adjustment problems, thinking that my roommate was 'a little strange'.  Later as I matured I have often thought how much one is better prepared for college after a stint in the military. 


I did my stint in the military after my college graduation serving in the Marine Corp while Lofton started his coaching career.  His journey ended after coaching in high school some 50 years.  During that time he was Head football Coach for 39 years winning 255 games, in both Georgia and Alabama, at 7 different schools turning each of those programs around from losers to winners.  He also served as Athletic Director 35 of those years in six schools, and all the while was a dedicated and highly regarded classroom English teacher.


His 50 years of high school coaching plus his experience as an administrator and English teacher more than qualifies Coach Lofton to write this common sense philosophical and technical playbook.  This coaching guide will be invaluable to all that are seriously considering the challenges and rewards of earning the right to be called for a lifetime the revered name "COACH!"


-- Vince Dooley

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